CITY groups

We believe at Revive City Church that you can't do life alone! City Groups are a vital part of who we are at Revive. We encourage everyone to plug into a group as soon as possible. City Groups are a great way to develop relationships with other people who are experiencing the same struggles you are. City Groups provide encouragement, accountability, and a community who will pray for you.

If you're not sure which group to join, send us an email at

  • Kirk & Karen Kirkland

    CCU on Sunday at 6 pm

    Kirk and Karen lead our Membership Pathway which is a 3 week course on what it means to be a member at Revive. At the end of this pathway, you will have the opportunity to become a member at Revive City Church.

  • Joel & Kaitlin Aleman

    Delhi on sunday at 6 pm

    Joel and Kaitlin lead a group on Sunday nights that is specifically intended for young couples and young professionals. Joel and Kaitlin are an amazing couple and are excited to connect with millennials in this City Group.

  • Zeb & Leah Greenfield

    CCU on Sunday at 6 PM

    Zeb and Leah lead our college age City Group every Sunday night. They love college students and desire to see leaders developed for all areas of society. 

  • Kenny & Reanata Harris

    Price hill on thursday at 7 pm

    Kenny and Renata help lead a City Group that meets in Northside on Sunday evenings. This group is specifically designed for people who live in the Northside area. We would love to have you or someone you know join this group!

  • Susan Willis & Angie Soister

    price hill on wednesday at 6:30 Pm

    Susan leads this unique group just for women at her home on Wednesday mornings. Ladies if you're schedule allows you to be a part of this group, we believe you'll greatly enjoy it!

  • Elijah & christy smoot

    CCU on Sunday at 6 pm

    Elijah and Christy currently lead our City Group for teens on Sunday nights. They have a heart to help and influence the young people in our church. 

  • Gordon Havens

    CCu on Sunday at 6:30 PM

    Gordon leads a City Group on Sunday nights that is open to anyone. Gordon loves to go deeper in Bible study and if you're looking for in depth Bible knowledge, this is the group for you!