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Growth Track.

It's time to get started.

Revive City Growth Track guides you to discover your redemptive purpose and the life God created for you. It's made up of 5 steps that equip you to:

1) Connect to the church
2) Thrive in your pursuit to cultivate strong spiritual habits.
3) Discover the strengths of your purposeful design
4) Activate your God-given gifts to make a difference in ministry
5) Multiply your leadership.


Everyone wants to find a place where they belong. Whether you're new to faith, new to Revive City, or have been attending for a while; we want you to find your place --a place you can feel supported, encouraged and loved. Growth Track CONNECT is designed to help you understand the foundation of Revive City Church and to help you get connected to our church family. If you decide that this church is the right fit for you, then you can learn about what next steps to take to get more involved in the mission and purpose of our church.  


Life wasn't meant to be lived standing still. We should always be moving, learning, and growing as people and as followers of Jesus; but it can be easy to get stuck in a rut. It's not that you're unwilling to grow - maybe you just aren't sure where to start or what to do next. Growth Track THRIVE is designed to teach you about these simple habits to get you on the right track, and show you the steps to take to mature and grow as a Christian.


What you do with your life matters to God. Sometimes it might feel like your actions are inconsequential, but you were created for a purpose! God has shaped you in a unique way - by your spiritual gifts, your heart, your abilities, your personality, and your experiences. Growth Track DISCOVER is designed to help you find the sweet spot of service based on who you are. The best part --you''ll learn more about yourself and your spiritual gifts.


It's easy to feel helpless when all you're hearing about is the tragedy happening in our neighborhoods and around the world: racism, natural disasters, corrupt politics, homelessness, etc. But have you ever stopped to realize that you have something to offer a hurting world? Growth Track ACTIVATE is designed to equip you to start making an impact on a personal, local and global scale. To tell your story & share your faith with people around you.


How does the gospel change a society to progress from one marked by brokenness, sin, sorrow, and shame to one that exhibits beauty, joy, and flourishing? God calls aspiring leaders to proclaim the good news and demonstrate living out that good news in a way that transforms neighborhoods, communities, people groups & generations. Growth Track MULTIPLY is designed to equip maturing disciples to develop the mindset and skills necessary to become more effective leaders. Participants will be challenged to consider how God may be leading them to fulfill His purpose as a missional leaders, as a church planting team member, or as a lead pastor.