***We are launching a new Christian preschool in our community. Scroll to the bottom of this page for more information. ***

Times & Locations

5541 Cleves Warsaw Pike Cincinnati, OH 45238

Worship:  10:45am
Revive Kidz: 10:45am

Revive Students: 6:00pm

Celebrate Recovery: 6:00pm (931 McPherson Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45205)

Office Hours
Mondays-Thursdays: 8:30am - 4:30pm
Fridays: 8:30am -12:30pm
Saturdays: Closed

What to Expect

We believe church is a family.

There is a large white house on the front of our property. Drive up the hill past the house to reach the church building. Families should park & enter from the right of the building. Handicap parking is to the left. Feel free to park in the grass behind the building if parking spots are full.

 Special needs parking is available by request. Use the Plan Your Visit feature to make a special request. We love to show hospitality and will have breakfast snacks and coffee waiting for you. 
Revive City is a casual, authentic environment. Services last around 75-90 minutes. You will not be asked to stand or do anything that would single you out. You can wear jeans, a t-shirt, or your Sunday's best.

Most of us dress for comfort. We want you to feel comfortable too. We receive an offering weekly but do not want our guests to feel pressured to give.

Revive Kidz

The next generation is the church of today!

Revive City Kidz is a safe place for children ages 0-11 years-old to worship in their own creative and age appropriate way. The staff in Revive Kidz have passed a background check & are perfectly suited to provide a loving, God focused space for children to encounter Jesus in a fun way.

It's a place where kids come to have fun, hang out with kids their own age & connect with the amazing leaders each week. They will have so much fun they will be talking about it on the way home.
Don’t be surprised if your children come home expressing they learned a new scripture or are showing off a cool craft they created. We are preparing the next generation of Christian leaders and we believe even a child can appreciate good Bible centered lessons. Through crafts, motion play, and media interaction; the Bible is taught to each child in a way they can understand.

We already love your kids so don’t worry; they’ll have plenty of safe fun, good snacks, and overall great time.

Plan Your Visit

Welcome home.

We’re so glad you’re planning to join us at a weekend gathering. Whether it's your first time or if you're a returning guest; we don't want you to have the feeling of being alone.

If you would like a VIP experience, we have created a way to schedule your visit. Just fill out the form at the bottom of the page.
     VIP treatment includes:
  • Meeting you at the guest services table.
  • Giving you a quick tour of our facility and meeting some people.
  • Registering  your children in advance.
  • Helping you find a great seat.
  • Introducing you to one of our pastors.