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Revive Friends
Loving all people.

What is Revive Friends?
Showing equal concern for people with disabilities and their families.


The Gospel is made accessible to all as the Body of Christ shows equal concern for people with disabilities & their families. We exist to glorify God by making disciples of our special needs friends who are 18 & older and their families through love, service and worship. We see each person as a pure person:

Perfectly created by a loving sovereign God, designed for His purpose.
Unique in his or her own gifts, blessings, talents, desires and contributions.
Receptive and responsive to our communication, touch, and acts of love.
Eternal, because there are no Disabled Souls in God's eyes.


No physical, mental or spiritual condition is outside the transforming power of the gospel.
Every person bears the image of God and is infinitely valued and given purpose by Him.
The gospel demands our compassion, not pity, and respect, not reservation, for all.
Disabilities can be special abilities to experience God’s grace.
People with special needs have families with special needs.
The Body of Christ is not complete without people with special needs.
The Body of Christ is called to fully include people with disabilities and receives blessings in return.